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DC Coastal LLC is a custom home building and home renovation company serving the Sarasota Florida area.  David Clough opened David Clough Construction LLC in Manchester-By-The-Sea Massachusetts in 1987 and has brought his 30+ years of experience to South West Florida. David Clough is a hands-on builder and keeps the number of concurrent projects low so that he can add his personal touches to his homes as he builds them. David Clough takes more pride in the quality and distinction of his homes than in the number he builds. He is committed to providing the highest levels of professional service and consistent communication throughout the entire process. David will build your new home, renovate your existing home or condo and will make it a great experience.

Building a reputation for superbly crafted residential properties takes time. It takes dedication, experience and hard work. David Clough is committed to the quality, from design conception through to a completed custom home.

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